Kiki Purple Tassel Dress

Designer: Villa Vibes

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Color: Purple

Size: S-8

Our Kiki above knee A-line dress is designed to showcase a carefree and feminine style, making it an ideal choice for a day at the beach or any casual summer event. The off-shoulder neckline adds a touch of flirtiness and exposes the shoulders and collarbone, enhancing the overall charm of the dress.

Very comfortable and the fabric drapes effortlessly, allowing for easy movement and providing a relaxed fit. The V collar lace detailing adds an extra layer of elegance, drawing attention to the neckline and creating a visually appealing focal point.

The dress is adorned with playful tassels, adding a bohemian and fun element to the ensemble. These tassels sway with movement, creating a dynamic and lively effect.

Whether you're strolling along the beach, attending a summer party, or simply enjoying a warm day out, our Kiki dress is a versatile piece for various occasions.

Size: See size chart - please allow 1- 3cm difference.

Material: Cotton Blend Mix