Hanging Plaque 15x30 3D St Barts PALMS

$25.95 $31.95
HANGING PLAQUE 15X30 ST BARTS PALMS give a very stunning and stupendous vibe to your place. It reminds you of some memorable moments. The 3D physical structure makes it suitable and easy for you to hang it on your wall. The dimensions of this product are 15X30 that makes it suitable for any place of your house and get compliments from your guests. The design on this plaque is exceptional. Each and every aspect of this colorful background is miraculous. All the printing is done in a very neat manner. Even the words printed on the plaque have a majestic air. This item impresses a very famous saying “find me under the palms”
Printed MDF. Size: 15x30x1cm

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